Our Motives / 私たちの想い

We work for more 

  • Sustainable livelihood / 持続可能な生活環境
  • Sustainable and responsible production / 持続可能で責任ある生産
  • Sustainable and responsible consumption / 持続可能で責任ある消費
  • Sustainable natural resource management / 持続可能な資源管理
  • Sustainable food system / 持続可能な食料システム
  • Sustainable economic development / 持続可能な経済開発
  • Circular economy / 循環型経済
  • Food security / 食料安全保障
  • Food sovereignty / 食の主権
  • Creating Shared value / 共通価値の創造
  • Climate resilience, and mitigation and adaptation / 気候変動への回復力・緩和力・適応力
  • Sustainability from Asia to the world / 持続可能性をアジアから世界へ

Our Story

In 2017, an initial project was formulated to empower small-scale coffee farmers by fellows from Nippon Foundation (Japan) Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship (APS) Programme at the United Nations Mandated University for Peace (Costa Rica) and Ateneo de Manila University (the Philippines). This is the start of Sustainability Asia.

2017年、私たちは日本財団のアジア・ピースビルダーズ奨学金プログラムに採択され、国連平和大学とアテネオデマニラ大学の修士課程に在籍する学生として小規模コーヒー農家を対象とした農村開発プロジェクトをフィリピンではじめました。このプロジェクトが Sustainability Asia のはじまりです。



that have been conducted 



that engaged with our projects



that we could work with



that we could fortunately share our idea 


Co-Founder of Sustainability Asia, Hideki Osugi had a chance to do a lecture titled "Livelihood of Small-Scale Coffee Farmer -People in Sagada, The Philippines" at Hiroshima City University. More than 120 students from classes of Anthropology, International Cooperation, Peace and Human Right and so on participated in.

We feel glad that Co-Founder of Sustainability Asia, Rika Mitsuhashi had a brilliant opportunity to present Sustainability Asia and Coffee Cherry Tea Project as one of the guest speakers of female entrepreneurs at Story Night in Roppongi, Tokyo.

We could fortunately present the coffee cherry tea project to more than a hundred multinational participants. We very much appreciate the nomination by the Cabinet Office of Japan and received the certificate from the ASEAN Youth Social Business Summit in Malaysia.